Voters on the East Side Deserve More

vancouver-advance-poll-locations.jpgOneCity is a new political organization and yes, we want people to vote for our City Council candidate, RJ Aquino, and for our ideas about making Vancouver a place we can afford to live in and love. But more than anything we want people to vote, and to feel like that imperfect but crucial act of personal expression matters when decisions are made about the things that shape our communities.

That is why OneCity has signed a letter sent to the Elections Officer, City Council and Mayor from the Vancouver Eastside Votes initiative requesting three more advance polling stations for the east side of our city. OneCity raised this issue soon after the map of polling stations was released and received a social media response from the City of Vancouver that included a reference number, 5357681. Despite additional requests for action, however, we have not received a response.

Almost two weeks have gone by and time is running out to fix this. Because we want the many voices of Vancouver — wherever they are raised — to be heard and counted.

Join us in calling on Vancouver to do the right thing — and to do it soon — and we will forward your messages to City Hall.

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