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RJ Aquino was one of 10 City Council candidates to be endorsed by the Vancouver and District Labour Council in the 2014 municipal election.

"I support OneCity and RJ Aquino because I believe we need a City Council that reflects the diversity of experiences and cultures that make Vancouver vibrant, and more voices at all levels of government advocating for social justice."
— Carmen Aguirre, actress and author of Something Fierce: Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter, winner of CBC Radio's Canada Reads


"I voted for RJ Aquino and you should too. Vancouver City Council needs a diversity of voices and experiences that reflect the challenges and the triumphs of the people who call Vancouver home. An experienced community builder and a dad raising a family in Vancouver, RJ will work hard as a city councillor to make Vancouver a more just and affordable city for all."

— Trish Kelly, community activist


"RJ is a breath of fresh air on Vancouver's political scene. He understands the importance of working WITH Vancouver's most vulnerable populations  immigrants, refugees and urban Aboriginal peoples. He is able to get past the political rhetoric of parties and seeks ways to unite Vancouverites. We need to ensure his voice is on Vancouver's next council."

— Scott Clark (Salish), executive director of Aboriginal Life In Vancouver Enhancement (ALIVE) society. Former president of United Native Nations Society of British Columbia


"I'm supporting One City and RJ Aquino because it's important that we have a strong progressive and credible voice on City Council. I think RJ will strengthen decision-making over the next four years by ensuring it includes the values of equity, affordability, and inclusivity."

— Olive Dempsey, sustainability and engagement strategist


"As new parents, we support RJ Aquino and OneCity because we want to raise our daughter in a world where justice and inclusiveness aren't just far-fetched ideals, but part of our everyday lives."  

— Cara Ng, OneCity founding member, and Charlie Demers, author and comedian


"RJ would make an excellent city councillor. As a board member for Collingwood Neighbourhood House, on issues from child care to community health centres, he has shown his determination to make the voice of Renfrew-Collingwood heard strongly."  

— Adrian Dix, MLA for Vancouver-Kingsway


"I see the consequences of poverty and the lack of affordability of this city in my job every day. More needs to be done. I support RJ Aquino and the OneCity team. RJ would be a great addition to City Council."

— Annie Simard, elementary school teacher


"I support OneCity because it brings progressive individuals together to work for positive change. I know RJ Aquino and other members of OneCity well and I trust that they will be strong advocates for a more just and equitable Vancouver."

— Mable Elmore, MLA for Vancouver-Kensington


"RJ Aquino is a breath of fresh air. Young and assertive with new practical ideas."

— Allen Blakey, past president, British Columbia Teachers' Federation; 12 years as a Vancouver School Board Trustee


"I'm voting for RJ [Aquino] because he understands the struggle for families with young children and for his strong support of the $10-a-day Child Care Plan."

— Sharon Gregson, Childcare advocate and former Vancouver School Board Trustee


"RJ's energy, knowledge and commitment to affordability and justice would make him a fantastic city councillor."

— David Eby, MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey


"One thing I admire about RJ is his ability to bring humanity back to politics. He takes the time to understand the concerns and aspirations of Vancouverites and recognizes the value and necessity of meaningful engagement at the neighbourhood level. His fresh perspectives and collaborative approaches to tackle complex issues such as affordable housing are what we need represented in City Council."
— Theresa Fresco, sustainability planner and facilitator

"OneCity is just what our city needs. I am excited that there is a new progressive political party that is focusing on housing, liveability and affordability. We need a party that will truly make a difference for regular folks in our city."

— Linda Young, elementary school teacher and Hastings Park advocate


"RJ Aquino and OneCity have the skill and thoughtfulness to take on the issues of affordable housing, accessible transit and $10-a-day child care."

— Rachel Marcuse, former executive director and campaign manager, Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE)


"I know RJ as a fellow community organizer with strong roots in Vancouver and the Filipino community. He is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and more affordable Vancouver, and as a long-time East Van resident and a father to two young kids, he intimately understands the challenges of raising a family in the city and will fight to have these issues heard at City Hall."

— Jay Catalan, co-founder of Tulayan


"We need strong voices who will advocate at the council table for a different way to engage communities and for meaningful dialogue. I think Vancouver City Council would be better with RJ Aquino."

— Shane Simpson, MLA for Vancouver-Hastings


"I will vote for RJ because he's a good guy. He believes in truly affordable child care, kids and their parents being able to stay in their communities, and a fair and equitable Vancouver."

— Noel Herron, former Vancouver School Board Trustee, retired school principal and award-winning author of Every Kid Counts


"RJ Aquino is a passionate advocate for social justice. He is an equally passionate dad. And I believe RJ is someone who has the smarts and respect for others, who will work on housing affordability and a host of other issues we face together as residents of this rapidly changing city."

— Marcus Youssef, artistic director and father


"As a family physician, I see the devastating health impacts of poverty and homelessness in my practice every day. OneCity's 20 over 5 Housing Plan is a smart idea for increasing affordable housing, reducing poverty and thereby improving the health of Vancouverites."

— Marria Townsend, health care provider


"We support RJ Aquino for City Council because he champions inclusive policies such as child care and affordable housing that will make it easier for families with young children to stay in Vancouver and attend Vancouver schools, policies that will improve the lives of parents and kids across the city."

— Gwen Geisbrecht and Jane Bouey, Public Education Project candidates for Vancouver School Board


"RJ Aquino would make a great City Councillor. He and OneCity have raised important issues of affordability in Vancouver."

— Jenny Kwan, MLA for Vancouver-Mt. Pleasant

"RJ gives me a sense of a balanced, open-minded, committed individual who wants politics to be less about party politics and more about being a voice for diversity and social justice with a good heart and mind."

— Jorge Salazar, immigrant rights activist and community organizer


"We need people in City Hall who are passionate and committed to representing the needs of all Vancouverites. I want to vote for a party that speaks for many voices, and fights to make this city truly inclusive and affordable. I believe OneCity is that party."

— Devyn Cousineau, anti-poverty lawyer


"It feels like Vancouver is quickly becoming a city where only the very well-off can thrive. OneCity’s strong policies on affordable housing and childcare are innovative and sensible. OneCity also recognizes the need for better public transit throughout the city. I’m saving a vote for OneCity’s RJ Aquino to help create a more fair and inclusive city."                                                                

— Michael Gabriel Rosen, student and social entrepreneur


"OneCity is making an important contribution to Vancouver politics. I live in the West End, and I want a council that listens to residents. OneCity is a new party that will focus on affordable housing, an issue that continues to grow in my neighbourhood and across the city."

— Chris McDowell, founding member of the Women’s Monument Project


"I have been a Vancouverite for most of my life. For the first time, I am seeing people like me and people who come from my communities and share my experiences in the running for city government. It's important to me that council represents the diversity of Vancouver, that it includes people from all neighbourhoods, of all cultures and backgrounds, and who have big hopes for the future of our city. I'm supporting RJ so he can bring forward voices that are rarely heard in City Council." 

— Megan Lau, editor, Mount Pleasant resident


"OneCity has practical and thoughtful policies for the challenges we face  inequality, climate change, and the need for community democracy."

— Mike Dumler, trade unionist and community activist


"As a Gumboot Girl and retired elementary school teacher, community building is very important for me. I believe RJ Aquino and the OneCity team are working to build trust and sound policy for people across the city, and in a respectful way."

— Shelley Lobel, Retired Teacher


"I live in the southeast section of the City, and I want a council that listens to residents. OneCity is a new party that will focus on affordable housing, an issue that continues to grow in my neighbourhood and across the city."        

— Dr. Margaret McGregor, Mid-Main Community Health Clinic


"RJ is a genuine, committed, loyal, advocate. He shares my values of equity, empowerment, and he wants to build a better world. We don't have to compromise in electoral politics. You don't have to hold your breath and vote for the best of a bad lot. RJ is better than that, he's the real deal. City Council needs him."        

— Anna Chudnovsky, Vancouver teacher, parent, OneCity organizing committee


"OneCity's proposal for $10-a-day child care is a must in this city. Right now childcare is inaccessible for thousands of families who desperately need it. B.C. has one of the highest childcare costs in Canada, with the highest child poverty rate in this country. Drastic steps need to happen for this to change, and accessible and affordable child care is a necessary step in the right direction. I support RJ Aquino and the OneCity team to fight for this in City Hall. I will save a vote for RJ."

— Rachel Tetrault, youth worker with the Vancouver School Board and local community organizer


"Vancouver needs representation of progressive voices at the municipal level and OneCity is exactly that. RJ Aquino is a fresh new voice, willing to put the important issues at the forefront. It is high time that government prioritizes the needs and rights of the people in our society that are the most marginalized. It is crucial in order for our city to thrive and flourish to have people that prioritize basic needs in our communities, such as putting social issues like education and housing first. Our city has become virtually unaffordable for working and middle class people, and that needs to change. For all these reasons, on November 15th we will be voting RJ Aquino for city councillor."

— Myriam Dumont and Renata de la Parra, parents, elementary school teacher and senior logistics coordinator


"I’m supporting RJ Aquino and OneCity because we need the compassion, empathy, and understanding on City Council that RJ could bring. And OneCity policies would benefit Vancouverites whose voices need to be heard."

— Ruth Herman, former president of REACH Community Health Centre and Vancouver School Board Trustee


"Vancouver needs programs that will help us build a more equitable and livable city for everyone who lives here. That's why we're supporting OneCity and its proposal to tax property flippers and build affordable housing in all parts of Vancouver. If RJ Aquino is elected to City Council we will have a strong voice to fight for programs to make Vancouver a better place for all."

— Colleen Fuller, Health Policy Researcher


"RJ Aquino and OneCity are proposing practical, achievable policies that can improve our city. Affordable housing in every new development, a levy on speculators, action on $10 dollar a day child care, democratic neighbourhood councils for authentic, respectful consultation —  all of these would make a big difference in people's lives."

— David Chudnovsky, former MLA; past president, British Columbia Teachers' Federation


"Many parents in Vancouver struggle daily with the lack of affordable, high-quality child care. OneCity's proposal for $10-a-day child care would relieve an enormous burden from their shoulders and hit a key equity target. That's why I'm supporting OneCity's RJ Aquino — he gets it."

— Dr. John Calvert, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University


"I have worked with RJ Aqunio and believe in his commitment to community. I support his work and will be voting OneCity for city council."

— Jody Polukoshko, Vancouver teacher


"I work in the creative sector here in Vancouver, I'm a father, a community activist and a taxpayer. Given the high cost of rent in this city along with the exorbitant costs of child care for my kids, building a life in Vancouver has been difficult. I believe the City could do more to make Vancouver better. I support the 20 Over 5 Housing plan, I support $10-a-day child care, and I support RJ Aquino for City Council."

— Kevin Fitzgerald, documentary filmmaker, father, community activist


"I’m saving a vote for RJ Aquino of OneCity for City Council. It looks like Vancouver will be moving on a Living Wage, which is good. We should be bold as a city and move now on $10-a-day childcare, affordable housing built across the city and a tax on property flipping. These are OneCity proposals and I know RJ will work hard to build a city that works for all."

— Kevin Millsip, sustainability planner, former Vancouver School Board Trustee 


"I'm voting for RJ Aquino because I believe he will bring to City Council the energy and perseverance of youth, the fresh ideas and knowledge of experience, and the compassion and empathy of a community organizer."

— Angie Chan, Parent & Health Services Manager


 "OneCity's program is excellent. Affordability for housing and child care, and addressing the growing equity gap that is damaging my city are the issues I care about. I am voting for RJ Aquino — just wish there were more like him."

— Linda Shuto, friend of Hastings Park


"I'm delighted to endorse RJ Aquino. He’s a bright, bold and thoughtful leader who connects warmly and effortlessly with people while providing practical plans that Vancouver, my hometown, really needs. He proposes a truly affordable city where kids will get professional, inexpensive child care and their parents a living wage so families can stay in Vancouver neighbourhoods. Do you like the sounds of kids playing in the lanes and walking to neighbourhood schools? Vote for RJ!"

— Marcy Toms, political and community activist, retired Vancouver secondary school teacher.


"RJ Aquino is a great guy. He’s easy to talk to, and, more importantly, he really listens. He lives like the rest of us, is active in his community, cares about his family and about everyone else, too. RJ pays attention. He wants to end housing speculation, to make Vancouver more walkable, and to provide community daycare. We need him, one of Vancouver’s many voices, on Vancouver City Council after November 15th."

— Peter Norris, retired carpenter and union activist, current cave explorer


"I am voting for RJ and the OneCity priorities that will build community and promote public health by improving Vancouver's affordability. RJ supports city growth that benefits families, youth, seniors, working people and marginalized communities. RJ has specific initiatives (like a $10-a-day childcare plan) that will get this work done, rather than vague unattainable promises. Because of their commitment to social and environmental justice, and their smart community-based goals, RJ and OneCity have my vote."

— Rachel Rees, Registered Midwife, Vancouver


"I would like to see councillors working towards a Vancouver that is affordable and liveable. Liveable to me means supported cultural and social programs, which includes affordable housing and child care for its workers. OneCity's RJ Aquino has set an affordable and culturally and income diverse Vancouver as a priority in their campaign."

— Sydney Hermant, cultural worker, mother


"I will be supporting RJ Aquino in the upcoming election for City Council because I think he is a serious, thoughtful, intelligent and caring young man who will think carefully about what is best for Vancouver as a whole. Most importantly, I am confident that he will seek input from neighbourhoods about planning issues that affect them and listen carefully to what they have to say rather than just giving lip-service to 'community consultation'. I believe that electing RJ will help bring balance and diversity back to what is currently a very lop-sided City Council."

— Linda Light, Kitsilano resident


"Great child care platform! Join me in voting for RJ so he can move it forward."

— Rita Chudnovsky, Former City of Vancouver children's advocate


"November 15 is a crucial day for Vancouverites. On that day, voters will have the opportunity to decide on the directional course of the city they live in. For myself, I want to live in a Vancouver that is affordable and inclusive for all. For that reason, I support RJ Aquino, as he stands for the values which I subscribe to: Build more affordable housing for people of all walks of life to live with dignity, subsidize a $10-a-day child care plan to help working families, especially single parent families, and paying worker a fair living wage that will give them the dignity and means to support their families. These issues are important for the well-being of individuals and essential to building a just and equitable society. In that respect, I urge voters to endorse RJ Aquino, as he will strive to build a Vancouver, a place, for everyone."  

— Fabienne Nguyen, elementary school teacher and parent


"RJ is committed to low cost housing and child care. Our city needs these desperately. He has our votes." 

— Janine Stevenson and Dr. Martin Schechter
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