Vibrant City

A vibrant city is one that is filled with concerts in parks, diverse cultural events, public art, gathering spaces, accessible theatre productions, and a thriving creative economy. Vancouver’s wealth of innovative artists, community centres, creatives, cultural organizations, innovators, parks, restaurants, and shops are the beating heart of the city. They deserve more support from City Hall.

City Hall has created barriers to accessing public space, delivered too little funding to arts and culture programming, and lacked vision in developing city-owned land. This has limited Vancouver’s potential to have a dynamic and accessible arts scene, and we all suffer as a result.

It’s time to put an end to our “No Fun City” reputation and for City Hall to support Vancouver as a vibrant cultural hub.

OneCity will introduce motions in Council chambers that make public and private recreation and leisure in the city more affordable and accessible. This includes supporting individuals’ ability to enjoy our parks, community centres, and public space and directing increased funding and support to new and existing arts & culture initiatives.

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