A Straight call to save one vote for Aquino


The Georgia Straight has given a glowing recommendation of RJ Aquino for Vancouver City Council.

"OneCity has developed some of the most thoughtful policies of any party competing in this election ... Aquino, a high-tech worker, pointed out that he and his wife spend more each month on childcare than they do on rent, and he’s promising to push for a $10-a-day child-care program 'in a Vancouver neighbourhood that desperately needs it' ...

"Aquino has the support of some thoughtful community activists, including public-health-care advocate Colleen Fuller, urban aboriginal leader Scott Clark, and writer Trish Kelly, as well as comedian Charlie Demers and NDP MLAs David Eby, Mable Elmore, and Jenny Kwan. If Aquino gets elected, he will become the first councillor of Filipino descent in the city’s history."

Remember, just like the Straight you get 10 selections for City Council in Saturday's election. Save one of those votes for RJ Aquino.

Read the full Straight story here.

Check out RJ Aquino's take on what one councillor can accomplish at City Hall in The Huffington Post.  

And sign up now if you want to join the fun on Saturday (and find out where the party is):


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