Inclusive Communities

Diverse, Vibrant, Inclusive Neighbourhoods - for everyone.

Vancouver only thrives because of its diverse and inclusive communities. OneCity wants to foster those qualities, and create welcoming neighbourhoods where everyone can flourish. Housing options across the city should accommodate the needs of all residents, allowing working families, professionals, students, seniors, and diverse cultural communities to live on the same block. Neighbourhood planning should contribute to a sustainable and successful local economy that supports long-established, well-loved businesses and cultural and artistic spaces, and helps new ones grow. We imagine a city where people can access city services in their own neighbourhoods, and the most vulnerable residents get the support they urgently require and are rightfully owed.

We want to integrate real community representation into city hall decisions, and ensure that the voices of LGBTQ2S folks, cultural communities, urban Indigenous peoples, those with disabilities, women, people living in poverty, and other marginalized communities are heard loud and clear. To this end, social, economic, and political justice should not be incidental nor given mere lip service in decision-making; it should be at the very core of how new city initiatives are implemented, and communities most affected by decisions should have the power to impact how they are made.

Vancouver has lost its way under the leadership of the current Vision City Council.

We are in the midst of a tragic, inexcusable housing disaster. Rents are skyrocketing, and people are being pushed out of affordable rental units. Residents of the Downtown Eastside (DTES) and Chinatown have seen their urgent needs neglected, and other neighbourhoods have had their voices ignored. While City Hall and the Provincial Government’s inaction has let homes become commodities - and not the human right they ought to be - thousands of residents have been left without a roof over their heads and thousands of others are housing-insecure.

City Hall needs to refocus on progressive solutions that will support everyone -- not just a few.

It’s time for real action to address Vancouver’s overdose epidemic.

Creating an inclusive city means making sure the city is safe for everyone. OneCity will introduce motions that take dramatic action to address Vancouver’s overdose epidemic.

We will use every tool available to deal with the crisis and will take seriously the recommendations of community groups and the BC Centre for Disease Control. This includes ensuring law enforcement efforts align with public health priorities, ensuring front-line workers in the DTES get the support they need to deliver services equitably, and advocating with other levels of government to reform our drug laws.

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