Judy Graves for Vancouver City Council

Judy Graves candidate for Vancouver City Council Portrait

Judy Graves is a problem solver, relationship builder, and change maker; a person who works with determination, confidence, and persistence.  Judy is kind and gentle but tough as nails and plays to win.  She is running for City Council to speak for real people in Vancouver who have been left behind by luxury development, and to ensure that those who want to can live and prosper here.

Judy began her 39-year career working for the City of Vancouver at the Pine Free Clinic in Kitsilano and later Cordova House in the Downtown Eastside.  She started working for the City of Vancouver to respond to the already-growing housing crisis, helping seniors, disabled people, and single parents get better housing.  As Judy watched homelessness increase through the early 1990s, she began reaching out to people in the streets to hear their stories, and help them find housing.  Most of this was done on her own time, in all weather, and often in the middle of the night.  Eventually, due to Judy’s tireless advocacy, the mandate of her position was expanded to include the homeless.  In 2002, she led the City’s first homeless count, which is now an important annual event across the city of Vancouver.

Judy has worked in every neighbourhood in Vancouver, with people of all ages, backgrounds, and incomes. She has designed an outreach program that is used in 50 communities in BC and has spread to other provinces, and served on the City's disaster response team.  She was a proud union member of VRMEU and later CUPE 15 where she served as a shop steward.

Judy is ready to serve Vancouverites and fight to make this city vibrant, inclusive, and affordable; a city for everyone.

  •  Awarded the Keys to the City (the City of Vancouver’s highest award), Governor General’s Meritorious Service Award, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee award (a testament to her tireless advocacy), and Thakore Charitable Foundation’s Visiting Scholar Award.
  • She holds four Honorary University degrees, including two Doctorate Of Laws, honoris causa from UBC and SFU respectively. VST and St. Mark's.
  • Judy is a mother and grandmother, and lives in the West End.

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  • commented 2017-10-01 14:51:35 -0700
    Question for Judy: what is your assessment of the “Empty Homes Tax” instituted this year by City Hall? Would you favour getting rid of it or keeping it? Thanks
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  • commented 2017-09-24 09:14:33 -0700
    Hi, I would like to know more how you can create affordable housing for all working residents, and end the housing crisis and drug addict. Thank you.