Legalize Drinking in Vancouver Parks

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It's time for Vancouver to open our parks and beaches to the responsible enjoyment of alcohol.


Call us radical, but we don't think it should be illegal to bring a growler or a bottle of wine with you to the park. Judging from the high number of Vancouver residents getting hit with drinking tickets every year, neither do many of you!

Drinking fines are flat taxes that negatively impact lower income communities the hardest. Our City's bylaw enforcement resources could be better redirected elsewhere. 

If we can elect Judy Graves as Vancouver's new City Councillor on October 14th, she will introduce a motion calling for legalized drinking in all public parks and beaches in Vancouver.

Judy will submit all the signatures on this petition with her motion to show the rest of Council the popular support behind these common sense changes.


The NPA, Greens, and Vision Vancouver have all kept these needless restrictions in place despite our Province giving cities the power to open up our parks and beaches to alcohol consumption. 

Please ask your friends to sign this petition and remind them to vote for Judy Graves in October's by-election so we have an advocate for common sense in City Hall. 


The October 14th by-election is our moment to send Council the strong message Vancouver wants our outdated bylaws modernized to reflect the times.


Most of Europe has modernized old prohibition drinking laws some time ago. Judy Graves and OneCity support the City introducing the "Montreal Model" to Vancouver, allowing adults to have a drink along with food in public parks and on beaches. Current laws that prohibit public intoxication and litter will be maintained. 

It’s time to take this common-sense step and end Vancouver’s “no-fun” city reputation.


If you think it's time to legalize drinking in parks, sign this petition and share it with your friends.


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    Ben Lanteigne
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    I believe in this very stable approach to an idea that shouldn’t appear in any sort, “radical”
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    James Southam
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    Sign the petition: Legalize Drinking in Parks
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    This is long overdue – it’s the 21st Century!! I doubt that the data show that adults drinking alcohol responsibly in public is significantly correlated with any issues of safety and/or property damage. So long as public intoxication is still an offence, I don’t see why anyone should oppose this.
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    Sign the petition: Legalize Drinking in Parks
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    Raymond Peloquin
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    Sign the petition: Legalize Drinking in Parks
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    It’s time for Vancouver and Canada as a whole to grow up and join the rest of the advanced countries on this issue. Clearly our restrictive drinking laws are not helping, as evidenced by the fact Vancouverites cannot handle their alcohol at big events.
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    Sign the petition: Legalize Drinking in Parks
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