Meet your neighbours

How did you two meet?

It's a good question when you're talking with new people because it usually involves a story or two.

At OneCity, we have some immediate goals  to elect a new voice in RJ Aquino to Vancouver City Council on Nov. 15  and some long-term ones as well: To build a home for people and communities who have been turned off and turned away from politics. Success is measured in votes, sure, but also in being the answer when someone asks, How did you get to know each other?

This week, there are plenty of ways to meet your neighbours and get to know some new people. RJ is taking part in a series of community meetings throughout the city: Monday is Kerrisdale (7 p.m. at the Kerrisdale Community Centre), Wednesday is False Creek (7 p.m. at Creekside Community Centre), and Thursday is Grandview Woodlands (7 p.m. at Britannia Secondary School). These events have been well-attended and full of energy as residents and neighbourhoods get a chance to tell their stories and ask their questions.

The OneCity team is also growing every day as new volunteers join up to help get the word out about our fresh approach to political involvement: Innovative, practical ideas to help people lower their housing and child-care costs — and increase their feeling of belonging in a city that is more divided than it should be. It starts with having a good time as we build something new together.

Click our Volunteer Calendar to find out how and when you can meet some of your neighbours, and we look forward to seeing you at one of the community events this week.

The OneCity Team


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