Many Neighbourhoods, One City

Neighbourhoods have lost trust in City Hall. People are frustrated. Thoughtful and engaged citizens take part in consultations and public hearings in good faith only to find that decisions are predetermined. Relentless condo development is eroding the affordability, character, and cultural fabric of our diverse neighbourhoods. But City Hall, under Vision Vancouver, is not listening.

We need City Hall to respect the local knowledge and concerns of residents and neighbourhoods. That's why OneCity endorses the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods' Principles and Goals for Neighbourhood-Based Planning.

Specifically, OneCity calls for:

Neighbourhood Councils. They must be democratically elected and funded by the city. And they must carry out real, meaningful community consultations that are listened to by City Hall. The voices of the neighbourhoods need to be heard loudly and clearly – many neighbourhoods, one city.

Integrated, city-wide planning. We need to apply decisions – for example decisions about development, about density and supportive housing, and child care – to every neighbourhood in Vancouver, not just one or two. City Council sets the general direction, the long-term plan, and then it is up to the neighbourhoods, through their councils, to decide how those decisions are carried out and implemented in their communities. We want to put into practice what the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods has set out in its Principals and Goals for Neighbourhood-Based Planning.

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