Why OneCity?

We believe in a Vancouver for everyone – an inclusive, vibrant, and affordable city.

But Vancouver is an increasingly unequal and divided city. For those with greater economic means and power Vancouver is a very different city than for the many who struggle to call the city home. OneCity speaks to our desire for a new direction – a Vancouver strengthened and united through equity, affordability, and diversity. Many voices. OneCity.

For families, Indigenous people, seniors, young people, immigrants, and low-income people, development policies are making Vancouver a more difficult place to call home. New developments are not affordable nor do they meet the needs of families and working people. Housing is more unaffordable than ever, and existing affordable rental housing is being lost. Relentless condo development erodes the character, community, and affordability of our neighbourhoods. We must build and preserve affordable housing now.

Development policies threaten local businesses and erode the diversity of employment opportunities. We need policies that foster a vibrant local economy with a diversity of job opportunities.

Buses are at capacity. Pass-ups are common. We need to consider all forms of transportation alternatives. Fares keep rising. Climate justice requires accessible and practical transportation alternatives. We need better – and more affordable – public transit now.

Finding affordable child care is a challenge for many families. Waitlists are long. Families need affordable and neighbourhood-based child care now.

When communities speak out, City Hall does not listen. We need City Hall to respect the knowledge and concerns of residents and neighbourhoods.

Social inequality is not inevitable. OneCity is working for an inclusive, vibrant, and affordable city.

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