OneCity believes that every neighbourhood is for everyone

OneCity is proud to launch our 2018 Municipal Election Campaign on a platform to make Every Neighbourhood for Everyone.

OneCity’s “Every Neighbourhood for Everyone” policy will support the building of social, supportive, seniors, and rental housing across the entire city.

“Vancouver is in crisis right now, and we believe that by changing housing policies across the city, we can make neighbourhoods for everyone - not just for the rich.” says Brandon Yan, OneCity City Council candidate. “Policies like our Land Value Capture Tax, which will capture the increase in land value due to public infrastructure improvements, will help fund the building of 25,000 units of non-market housing over five years.”

The median price for a detached house in Vancouver is nearly 2 million dollars.  We know that this housing is far too expensive for most of us. And yet, roughly two-thirds of our residential land is one for this type of housing. OneCity will fight for zoning rules that will allow multi-family, seniors, supportive, and co-op housing across the city.

“Growing up in Vancouver, I’ve seen some of our communities lose their vibrant character as they become unaffordable, forcing families to leave” says Christine Boyle, OneCity council candidate. “By implementing smart policies like making it just as easy to build social and supportive housing developments as single detached homes, we can build housing for people in all stages of their lives and income levels.”

By allowing smaller lot sizes and the low-cost conversion of sprawling homes into multiple rental or strata units, neighbourhoods can continue to thrive. Changes to zoning that include duplexes, fourplexes and small apartment buildings create spaces for families to stay near schools and seniors to age in place. OneCity for all of us.

OneCity candidates running for City Council are Brandon Yan and Christine Boyle.  Running for School Board are Carrie Bercic, Erica Jaaf, and Jennifer Reddy.



For media inquiries, please contact: Deanna Ogle, Campaign Manager 604-364-2917