Active Transportation

We live in a city with a climate that allows us many options for year-round, active transportation. These choices, such as walking, cycling and taking transit, benefit our health and wellness. We would like to see these options become more affordable and more accessible across Vancouver. OneCity encourages active transportation by making the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and transit users a priority.

We believe the choices we make around transportation impact our health and wellness, and that our transportation options are achieved intentionally through public planning and design.

OneCity’s Plan for Active Transportation

  • Prioritize pedestrian safety by directing more funding into it and focusing on the reduction of pedestrian injury over ease and speed of vehicle traffic.
  • Direct City staff to study and recommend measures to improve basic pedestrian safety across the city with an action plan to achieve these recommendations.
  • Engage with neighbourhoods to understand their unique issues and make walking and cycling safer and more enjoyable across the city.
  • Support the principle that making the city work for 8-years olds and 80-year olds will make the city a better place for all.