Affordable City

Building 5,000 non-market housing units a year; 25,000 non-market housing units over 5 years

These units would be guaranteed affordable units that ensure rents are fixed at no more than 30% of tenants’ income in all these newly created rentals, forever.

Every Neighbourhood is for Everyone

We need housing of all kinds in neighbourhoods throughout the city. With a rental vacancy at below 1 percent, our city needs courageous changes to low-density neighbourhoods. By changing zoning laws, we will allow less expensive forms of housing into low-density areas zoned for market detached homes. We need far more apartments, social, supportive, and seniors housing in these areas. Low and modest income communities and renters deserve to live in all parts of our city.

Land Value Capture Tax

Communities create land value. By capturing the land lift from improvements to infrastructure, we can redirect this money into funding non-market housing.

4 The City Tax

Taxing residential properties over $4 million dollars will bring in an extra $262 million a year to build non-market housing.

Building Publicly-Owned Housing on City-Owned Lands

Using city-owned land to build 12,000 guaranteed, affordable city owned housing units for low and middle income residents.

Renew Co-op Leases

Once elected to council, we will work hard to ensure that the City renews all co-op leases and we will help encourage co-ops to grow in membership and homes.

Rental only Zoning

OneCity will use newly granted rental-only zoning powers to protect existing rental supply, reserve a significant portion of undeveloped land for new rental buildings, and ensure that new developments designate a certain number of units to rental.

Protect Renters

We can protect renters’ rights through stronger enforcement of the current rules and increased city resources directed at renter protection.