Affordable Transit



Affordable transit is a crucial piece of a clean energy economy and a welcoming city. An inclusive Vancouver means everyone can move freely through the city.


Active Transportation

We believe the choices we make around transportation impact our health and wellness, and that our transportation options are achieved intentionally through public planning and design. OneCity would like to see the option of taking transit become more affordable and more accessible across Vancouver.

Free Transit for Youth

OneCity endorses the AllOnBoard Campaign to make public transit more accessible. We support free transit for children and youth up to the age of 18, and a sliding-scale, monthly pass based on income for adults. 

Equitable Transit Oriented Development

Getting around Vancouver is expensive. Low-income Vancouverites often spend more than 50% of their income on housing, leaving little for other necessities such as transportation. Living close to a transit hub makes life easier and more affordable for people, but these locations are often very expensive. OneCity plans to act quickly to create complete, mixed communities around transit hubs and corridors.