At the School Board

We believe that the housing crisis in Vancouver is a challenge for all levels of government and that there is action the Vancouver School Board can take to help.

School Board Property

As Trustees, we will choose to use existing VSB property to build city-owned, non-market housing that could be used to house employees of the Board and other Vancouverites and their children. We will never agree to privatizing these lands; they must remain public and be used for the public good. 

Indigenous Representation at the School Board

OneCity supports the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada specifically as they pertain to education. We are ready to work with Indigenous communities to meet students needs at XPey’ Elementary School, ensure Indigenous representation at the School Board, and implement curriculum that recognizes Indigenous contributions to society.

Adult Education

At OneCity, we believe students of any age, wanting to be at school, should be able to attend classes and work towards upgrading and graduating from the the public system. At OneCity, we believe that improvements to this important service are necessary to help the most vulnerable learners in our city. 

Lower the Voting Age

Participation rates in municipal elections are embarrassingly low.  At OneCity, our elected Trustees and Councillors will work to lower the voting age order to engage young people in City Council and School Board decisions, and encourage an increase in voting rates.