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Hold the VPD Accountable: Demand a Full Audit

Demand a comprehensive financial audit of the VPD. Ensure our tax dollars are used effectively to improve public safety for all Vancouverites. Sign OneCity’s petition today!

Given that the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) represents more than 20% of the city's budget, let’s ensure that taxpayer money is being used effectively and transparently.

Recent findings by the City’s Auditor General have revealed major issues with the VPD's management and reporting frameworks, including outdated, inaccurate, or overly general information being provided to the Vancouver Police Board.

These official findings highlight management deficiencies that raise concerns about how the VPD aligns its significant financial resources with City objectives and public safety needs. To address these issues, we need a comprehensive financial audit of the VPD. This audit will provide a clear picture of how public funds are being used and ensure that the VPD manages its resources efficiently.

Vancouverites deserve full transparency in both financial and risk management practices when it comes to police spending. As a first step, an independent financial audit is crucial to achieve this goal, ensuring that all funds are managed responsibly and in the best interests of all Vancouverites.

We, the undersigned, demand a full financial audit of the VPD to ensure taxpayer money is used effectively and transparently in a way that enhances public safety for all Vancouverites.

Will you sign?