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Politics is emotional because politics is personal. Let us be emotional but let us be guided by a hope that better is possible and that better is necessary.

Brandon Yan is a community activist, human rights educator, and advocate for LGBTQ2+ youth. He brings his passion for collaboration, equality and inclusion to his campaign for City Council. He is an optimist who sees solutions and potential for collaboration in all of the work he does. Brandon is committed to amplifying the voices of renters, the arts community, young people and other groups who are underrepresented in our local government. 

Brandon Yan decided to run for City Council with OneCity because he saw the need for a Vancouver where diversity and inclusion shape local decisions and priorities. He knows it is important for young people to see someone like him - a young, queer person of colour - taking a leadership role in the city. His experience as an advocate and collaborator helped Brandon to understand that policies can have a real and positive impact on the lives of the people in our city. Brandon wants to see changes to zoning regulations to allow a mix of housing types and incomes in every every neighbourhood. 

Vancouver is a city facing tremendous challenges, from growing inequality, the housing crisis and an increasing sense of isolation among our citizens. Brandon brings his infectious sense of optimism to examining these issues, and developing creative, collaborative solutions. His experience in engaging diverse communities and working across political parties will help him to make the decisions that build a better Vancouver.

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 “This is an important time in Vancouver's history: a progressive and diverse council can change the course of our city's trajectory for the better. We need to be connected across difference, across neighbourhoods: from Kerrisdale to Chinatown - from Boundary to Belmont.”




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Brandon has lived and worked in the Vancouver area all of his life. He currently lives in Kitsilano with his partner, Sam, and their dogs. As a renter and pet owner, he has experienced, first-hand, the difficulty in finding pet-friendly and affordable rentals in Vancouver. He wants to make sure that the discussion of housing affordability includes renters, not just homeowners. 

Brandon has completed a Masters in Urban Studies at SFU in public engagement and civic education. He examined the ways that the City of Surrey works to involve citizens in the various processes of government. He brings his interest in promoting engagement and inclusion in municipal government to this campaign for City Council. 

Brandon is the Education Director for Out on Screen, an organization that celebrates queer lives through film, education, and dialogue. In this role, he works as an advocate for LGBTQ2+ youth and the policy changes needed to support them. This work has taken Brandon to schools across Vancouver and BC, and given him the opportunity to listen to young people about the issues important to them. He knows that, standing up for these young people, and their future in the city, will guide the decisions he makes in City Council.

Brandon worked on the Youth Vital Signs public engagement project with the Vancouver Foundation. This project strengthened the engagement of young people with their schools, neighbourhoods, and cities in a project that spanned the Lower Mainland region. Brandon has also served on the City of Vancouver’s Civic Planning Committee. 


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