Electoral Reform

Vancouver’s method for electing Councillors, School Trustees, and Park Board Commissioners is hopelessly out of date and undemocratic. Election results do not reflect the votes each party gets and they don't represent our city's neighbourhoods. OneCity would like to see updates to our election system that provide a more fair result and encourage more participation.

The ballot, which often includes dozens and dozens of candidates for each position, is extremely confusing. Most minority communities aren’t – and never have been – represented on Council. Younger residents of the city are shut out of the process and their low voter turnout shows their lack of engagement.


  • Forming a Citizens’ Assembly – chosen at random from Vancouver residents – to study and make recommendations regarding electoral reform.
  • Holding a referendum on Citizens' Assembly's recommendations and, assuming ratification by residents, submitting a request to the Provincial Government for an amendment to the Vancouver Charter.
  • Completing these actions in time to use the new system in the next municipal election.
  • Lowering the voting age for City, Park Board, and School Board elections to 16 years of age.