Every Neighbourhood For Everyone

We believe that all of Vancouver’s neighbourhoods would be enhanced by including more rental housing, social housing, supportive housing, and co-ops.

The median price for a detached house in Vancouver is nearly $2 million - and yet the vast majority of the city is zoned for them. While laneway houses and secondary suites provide some rental housing in these low-density zones, these are not secure or long-term forms of housing for renters. The reality is that the vast majority of Vancouver is completely unaffordable to the vast majority of its residents.

OneCity’s “Every Neighbourhood for Everyone” policies will support the building of social, supportive, seniors, and rental housing across the entire city. We will introduce multi-family properties for strata, residential care, and co-housing into “single family” neighbourhoods. These policies will support and encourage housing like non-market rental and cooperatives.

In a neighbourhood for everyone, people live close to their work. Children walk to neighbourhood schools. Neighbourhood grocery stores, parks and libraries are filled with people of a variety of ages, backgrounds and incomes. The neighbourhood is more vibrant, affordable, and accessible. 

We envision a city of vibrant, walkable human-scale neighbourhoods with a variety of housing options for people in all stages of their lives and all income levels. We envision a city where renters are no longer at the whim of landlords and the rental vacancy rate is at a healthy 5 percent.


Prioritize social housing, supportive housing, seniors’ housing, non-market rental housing by:

  • Implementing “by right” zoning for housing those who are most vulnerable - for example, social and supportive housing developments will no longer have to go through a project by project process; they will be put on a fast track. This would make it as easy to build housing for those who are most vulnerable as it is to build single detached homes.
  • Encouraging the development of non-market and market rental; for example, offering incentives like density bonuses to non-market and market rental projects in all residential parts of the city.
  • Improving upon existing incentives for non-market housing by relaxing parking minimums, decreasing approval wait times,  making development charge and property tax waivers for non-market housing more attractive.
  • Discouraging sprawling mansions by allowing smaller lot sizes, stratification, and the low-cost conversion of existing large homes, like Vancouver Specials, into multiple rental or strata units.

Introduce other housing forms into all residential neighbourhoods. We can do this by:

  • Decreasing permit wait times by introducing “by-right” zoning for small multi-family homes including duplexes, fourplexes, and small apartment buildings in neighborhoods currently zoned for "single-family" homes.
  • Increasing the floor space ratio significantly in “single-family” neighbourhoods to make it possible to build multi-family housing.
  • Work with existing, interested, non-profit housing groups and co-ops to help them grow their buildings.
  • Implementing our Land Value Tax to capture the land lift from these changes in zoning to allow us to build more social and affordable housing.