What you need to know about new election fundraising rules:

Thanks for considering a donation to OneCity. This is the first election to take place under new election fundraising rules. As of 2018, corporations and unions are no longer allowed to donate, and there are limits on how much individuals can donate.

These new rules take big money out of elections. This is a positive change for BC and will allow individuals to have more influence on local politics. We have been calling for strict limits to donations since our party started and we are excited to see how this makes local politics more accessible and democratic.

What are the new donation limits?

As an individual, you can make a maximum donation of $1,200 to the OneCity School Board campaign and $1,200 to the OneCity City Council campaign each year. These contributions are helping OneCity to run our campaign to elect strong, progressive candidates. Your membership fee, one time donations, monthly donations and tickets to events all count toward this total.

Who can donate?

In order to donate you must be a resident of BC and either a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada. By checking the box on our donate page you are confirming this information. This helps us at OneCity to ensure we are complying with these rules.

In order to remain transparent, OneCity will continue to make our list of donors available to the public. This list is compiled and published each year.

Donations to municipal parties are not eligible for a tax receipt.

You can read more about changes to the election fundraising rules at Elections BC.