Jennifer Reddy, School Trustee

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Our cities are changing, so are our schools, we need to look more carefully at the impacts on students when the struggle of evictions, unstable housing, and parents juggling multiple jobs are becoming more common.

Jennifer Reddy is a educator and an advocate for some of the most vulnerable students in Vancouver’s school system. She works with students from across our city in her role as an immigrant support worker. Jennifer has championed a Sanctuary Schools policy, which would ensure education is available for all students, regardless of immigration status.

Jennifer decided it was time to run for School Board with OneCity because she recognized that she could do even more for learners in Vancouver by bringing her knowledge and experience to the Vancouver School Board as a Trustee. With her strong understanding of our schools and students, Jennifer will make education policy decisions that reflect the needs of all learners.

Students across Vancouver do not currently have access to all of the resources they need: learning materials, specialists, or even safe drinking water. They are also impacted by issues outside of the classroom: the struggle of evictions, unstable housing, and parents juggling multiple jobs. This election, we can elect a Trustee who understands those challenges and has been working to solve them: Jennifer Reddy. She will be a Trustee who continues building safer and more inclusive spaces for students.  


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 “I look forward to the opportunity to learn from and contribute to the efforts of individuals and communities that drive educational leadership in our city. It is my aim to engage in meaningful dialogue, and encourage the development of ideas that result in creative solutions to complex issues.”




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Jennifer Reddy is the child of immigrants who moved to Canada from Fiji. She grew up in the East Kootenays where she watched her parents engaging with democracy in their new homeland: going to voting stations, debating the newest policies – all of the reasons why we value Canada and democratic participation so much. She developed her interest in politics and policy from a young age. 

Throughout her education, Jennifer has worked to understand the connections between social conditions and student learning. She holds a Masters in Social Policy and Development from the London School of Economics, a Bachelors in Development Studies from the University of Calgary, and a Certificate in Curriculum Development and Instructional Design from Mount Royal University.

Jennifer Reddy has worked in schools throughout Vancouver with students facing a variety of challenges. She is one of the founders of EdMeCo, an organization using mentorship programs to support students in their educational goals. 

For the 39 weeks before the election, Jennifer shared stories in a series she called 39 Reasons Why. Her stories showed how deeply she has been affected by the experiences of learners across Vancouver. Each week, we learned more about Jennifer's commitment to improving local schools and helping local students. She is a person who steps up, and takes on extra work, to connect students with the supports they need to succeed. 

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