Judy Graves Proposes Immediate Actions to End the Overdose Crisis

PRESS RELEASE -- Judy Graves Proposes Immediate Actions to End the Overdose Crisis

Vancouver BC, October 2, 2017 - Every five hours, one of our neighbours dies from a preventable drug overdose. A courageous response to the overdose crisis is long overdue.

Today, Judy Graves outlined the actions she would take as City Councillor to address the causes of the overdose crisis, strengthen front line responses, make our city safe for everyone, and advocate for change on national and provincial levels.


OneCity’s drug policy includes local level solutions such as increasing the distribution of naloxone, opening point of care services in existing public facilities, establishing easily accessible sharps boxes across Vancouver, a city-wide needle clean up program, and the decriminalization of all drugs, including diverted prescription medications.


“Judy has the courage and experience to make the changes Vancouver needs to stop the fentanyl epidemic,” said Adrienne Smith, a Vancouver drug policy lawyer. “Of course the solution will need to include all levels of government and we need Judy at City Hall.”


In her announcement Judy also pledged to advocate at the Provincial and Federal levels for easy access to detox and treatment, the delivery of more low threshold opioid replacement programs, more community overdose response teams to take pressure off of first responders, and the legalization of all drugs.


“Judy has a very deep personal involvement and understanding of the issues of homelessness and addiction... I fully support Judy’s drug policy proposal,” said Philip Owen, former Mayor of Vancouver and champion of the Four Pillars approach.


Supporters of OneCity’s policy includes: Susan Giles and Evanna Brennan, DTES street nurses; Constance Barnes, former Chair of the Vancouver Park Board and Avalon Recovery Society, currently the Director of the DTES Market Employment and Events Program; Philip Owen, former Mayor of Vancouver; Adrienne Smith, a Vancouver drug policy lawyer; Sarah Blythe, founder of the Overdose Prevention Society.

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