Lower the Voting Age

Participation rates in municipal elections are embarrassingly low.  At OneCity, our elected Trustees and Councillors will work to lower the voting age order to engage young people in City Council and School Board decisions, and encourage an increase in voting rates. While still in school, young people will learn the importance of voting, as well as how to navigate the process of voting. This education aims to make voting behaviour a lifelong practice for young people.  

At sixteen, students actually attend public school and have a deep knowledge and understanding of school issues. They should be able to vote on school and city issues that affect their everyday lives. We believe that young people should have a say in their education and educational needs, as well as their representation at City Council.

This earlier introduction to voting would increase voter turnout and likely encourage young people to vote in future elections.

OneCity will Bring the Voting Age to 16 by:

  • Bringing a motion that the Vancouver School Board will lobby the BC government to lower the voting age to 16 in Vancouver School Board and City Council elections.