OneCity's 2018 Council Platform

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Affordable City

Focus on progressive, pragmatic solutions to Vancouver's housing crisis, like fighting for low and modest income residents to live in every neighbourhood across the city.

Vibrant City

Create a more vibrant and inclusive city by protecting arts and cultural spaces; deepening the commitment of the City of Vancouver to a living wage; and supporting local businesses that provide vital services, create jobs, and keep money in our communities.

Inclusive City

Every Neighbourhood for Everyone means that all people can safely move around all parts of the city regardless of ability or immigration status. OneCity will fully implement a Sanctuary city across all city services as well as advocate for reforms to our local election system that would provide a more fair result and encourage participation.

Indigenous Justice

Prioritize reconciliation with Indigenous communities by developing housing strategies with Indigenous communities and honouring languages, territories, and histories.

Climate Justice

Those most impacted by the effects of climate change, vulnerable and low-income communities, locally and globally, deserve to be prioritized in the implementation of climate solutions. Public transit needs to be affordable, accessible, and robust. We need complete communities that are diverse and affordable.

Overdose Crisis

Fight for all Vancouverites to have access to mental health and addictions services that work for them. Support decriminalization and overdose prevention measures, with a longer term plan to legalize all illicit drugs.

Onecity's 2018 School Board Platform

In our Neighbourhoods

Keep neighbourhood schools open. Increase child care spaces for pre-school and school-age children on school and publicly owned lands.

In our Schools

Meet the learning needs of all students, hire staff to ensure class size and composition limits are met.

Ensure there is lead-free drinking water in all schools.

At the School Board

Build housing on VSB property to help alleviate the housing crisis in cooperation with all levels of government.