Renew Co-op Leases

Co-ops have been an important form of housing for many in Vancouver. They provide an affordable housing option and a strong sense of community for those who call them home.

We believe that co-ops provide some of the best housing in Vancouver - housing that is community-focused and affordable and that offers family-sized units with human-scale density.

Many co-ops in Vancouver are on land leased from the City - and many of those leases will expire in the next 10 years. This has made it difficult for those co-ops to access loans for building repair and has put undue stress on co-op members. These co-ops need to be confident that their leases with the City will continue. OneCity will ensure a stable future for co-op housing across the city by assisting local co-ops to renew their leases, with a long term goal of increasing the number of co-op housing units.


  • Moving quickly to work with co-ops to renew the leases. By providing the certainty of renewed leases, we will allow these co-ops to continue providing a housing option for many who are unable to afford to enter the housing market.
  • Working through the lease renewal process, OneCity will identify co-ops that are interested in growing and adding new members and homes. We will work with those co-ops in order to encourage more affordable housing in our city.