Rental Only Zoning

In a city where half of the population lives in rental homes, and many are struggling to find affordable rentals, rental housing needs to be a high priority for City Council. OneCity supports using newly granted rental-only zoning powers to protect renters, and to preserve and expand existing purpose-built rentals in the city. Rental-only zoning can be used to stop the loss of rental homes, such as those torn down to put up condos. At OneCity, we are ready to take action to protect the rental units we already have in the city and prioritize new rental development.  


  • Support using rental-only zoning powers to protect residents living in rental buildings from demoviction.
  • Support rental-only zoning on undeveloped land and new developments.
  • Ensure all redevelopment of rentals maintains the current number of units within the neighbourhood, maintains the same number of bedrooms as the previous unit, sets rent at the same or similar rates as previous units, and gives current tenants the right of first refusal.