Sanctuary Schools

Our schools should be places where all students are free to learn and thrive, regardless of immigration status. A Sanctuary Schools policy aims to provide all students with the assurance that their immigration status will not interfere with their education and it will not be disclosed to outside agencies. 

OneCity’s Plan for Sanctuary Schools in Vancouver

  • Adopt a Sanctuary Schools policy for the Vancouver School Board.
  • Recognize Vancouver in policy and in practice as a Sanctuary School district.
  • Ensure communication tools about the Sanctuary Schools policy are in multiple languages and accessible to those with mother-tongue literacy barriers. These communication tools must clearly articulate which documents constitute acceptable proof of ordinary residence in Vancouver and how many are required, such as a tenancy agreement, a landlord letter, or a community organization letter.
  • Ensure communication tools about Sanctuary Schools policy include support and mandatory training for front-line staff across all Vancouver Board of Education sites.
  • Acknowledge the risk for students and families if the Vancouver Board of Education does not train staff in Sanctuary Schools policy and practice. Such policy and practice would ensure the safety and protection of all students, regardless of citizenship status.