School Board Policy

Schools are the heart and soul of our neighbourhoods. Our schools should be places where all students are free to learn and thrive.

In our Neighbourhoods

  • Keep neighbourhood schools open.
  • Increase child care spaces for pre-school and school-age children on school and publicly owned lands.

In our Schools

  • Meet the learning needs of all students.
  • Hire teachers and staff by removing all barriers to ensure class size and composition limits are met.
  • Lead-free drinking water in all schools.
  • Implement Sanctuary Schools policy so that a family’s immigration status does not affect their child’s learning.

At the School Board

  • Build housing on VSB property to help alleviate the housing crisis in cooperation with all levels of government.
  • Make housing for education workers an education issue.
  • Re-open adult ed centers, so anyone who wants to learn can do so in the public system
  • Support Indigenous communities to ensure representation on school board.