School Board Property

At OneCity, we believe that Vancouver School Board property is a community asset that should not be sold off to the highest bidder, but should remain in trust for generations to come. We believe that the housing crisis in Vancouver is a challenge for all levels of government and that there is action we can all take to help. As Trustees, we will choose to use existing VSB property to build city-owned, non-market housing that could be used to house employees of the Board and other Vancouverites and their children. We will never agree to privatizing these lands; they must remain public and be used for the public good. 

We will prioritize areas where unaffordability means students and their families are at risk of moving to find affordable housing.  This will allow schools at risk of closing to stay open and increase their student populations.

OneCity will Preserve School Board Property as a Community Asset by:

  • Building city-owned, non-market housing on Vancouver School Board Property. There are School Board properties across the city that are not being used for schools, that could be configured as sites of non-market housing where appropriate.
  • Opposing any motion to sell off Vancouver School Board Property.
  • When new schools are built, consider putting housing above these new schools, if it is appropriate.
  • Highlighting the issue of housing for education workers in Vancouver.