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Sign Here: A Fair Share for South Vancouver & Marpole

For years, South Vancouver and Marpole, home to majority-immigrant, majority-ESL, and majority-working-class populations, have experienced chronic underfunding. This has left our parks un-maintained, our streets under-serviced, and our local services overlooked. Today, we stand with Councillor Christine Boyle to correct this imbalance. The vibrant, diverse communities in South Vancouver, which significantly contribute to the spirit and function of our great city, deserve equal respect and resources. It's high time we acknowledged and rectified this injustice.

"We, the undersigned, call on Vancouver's City Council to support Councillor Christine Boyle's motion aimed at examining and correcting the historic under-resourcing in South Vancouver. We insist on the fair distribution of city funds and attention to improve parks, public spaces, public and active transportation, and other local services, reflecting the true value of these neighbourhoods in our city. South Vancouver's diversity is its strength, and it's time for that strength to be recognized and supported. We urge you to work together to ensure all Vancouverites get the respect and resources they deserve."

Will you sign?