Stop Blocking Affordable Rentals

It’s time for City Hall to stop blocking new affordable rental homes in Vancouver.


The rental market has gotten out of control, and the average 1-bedroom in the city costs more than $2000/month. There are thousands of homeless, huge waitlists for social housing, and even well-paid professionals can’t afford to rent in the city.


Despite the housing crisis, City Hall’s zoning bylaws make it illegal to build new purpose-built rentals on 80% of the City’s residential land. 

Vancouver’s anti-renter zoning was originally developed to exclude renters from wealthy single family home neighbourhoods where huge parcels of land are reserved for sprawling mansions. This is why anti-renter zoning is commonly referred to as exclusionary zoning.

If the majority of Vancouver remains reserved for expensive sprawling homes that cater to the residential needs of property owners alone, our city is at risk of becoming an international suburbia for the extremely wealthy.


A lack of available, guaranteed affordable rental housing is a major contributor to our city’s current housing affordability crisis, where vacancy rents are dangerously low and rents are skyrocketing.


It’s time for the City to end this anti-renter zoning policy that protects expensive sprawling homes and mansions. It's time to open up Vancouver to building new affordable rental homes. 

Vancouver ought be a city where every single neighbourhood has inclusive and affordable homes accessible for all incomes.


Sign this petition if you support ending the city’s anti-renter zoning policy that protects sprawling mansions and makes affordable purpose-built rental homes illegal in the majority of Vancouver.



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