Take Back Public Funds from Elite Private Schools

It’s time to end the public funding of elite private schools, and to return those funds to the public school system.


Elite private schools received $45 million dollars of public funding in the 2015/2016 school year.


All of this happened while half the public school boards faced deficits causing school closures, cuts to programs, and reduced supports for vulnerable students.

We don’t think it’s fair for wealthy families sending their kids to private schools to get a discount paid for by the taxpayers of BC. We don’t use tax dollars to fund yacht clubs why should we fund St. George’s?

The new progressive provincial government has committed to defending our public schools, but they will be under immense pressure from special interests lobbying to keep elite private school handouts.

Those of us who believe our tax dollars are better spent solving the chronic underfunding of our public schools need to show the BC government we are the many and will not have the quality of our education dictated to us by the few!


Sign this petition if you support Vancouver School Board trustees loudly calling for the end of government handouts to elite private schools in BC and the return of those funds to our public schools.



324 signatures

Will you sign?

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