Vibrant City

The small, local businesses in our neighbourhoods provide vital services, create jobs, and keep money in our communities.

Making Cultural Spaces Affordable

At OneCity, we will act to protect the cultural organizations and creative hubs that connect us to each other and our city. We need to ensure there is rental space available to continue the work they do to connect us to history, culture, music and each other.

Living Wage City

Low wages do not allow workers to afford housing and the necessities of life in Vancouver. OneCity believes that it is time to expand the work of a living wage in the City of Vancouver.

Drinking in Parks

At OneCity, we don’t think that bringing a growler or bottle of wine with you to the park should be illegal. Hundreds of fines are given out each year by enforcement officers and low income and racialized communities are disproportionately targeted. These drinking fines are flat taxes that negatively impact lower income communities the hardest.

Protect Industrial Lands

Protect existing industrial and commercial land to reduce environmentally devastating sprawl and ensure that there are good jobs available within the City of Vancouver.

Protect Local Business

Small and local businesses in Vancouver are being priced out of our neighbourhoods.  Those spaces are being left empty or are being replaced by corporate chain stores that diminish local culture and sense of place. This is happening in neighbourhoods all across the city. We must act quickly to protect these businesses and support new local businesses that create vibrant neighbourhoods.