One City 2018 Candidates


City Council


Christine Boyle standing in a park smiling at the camera.

Christine Boyle

Christine Boyle is a United Church Minister, climate activist, organizer and parent running to make a Vancouver where everyone has a sense of belonging and engagement. She has a strong record of  tackling inequality, contributing to climate solutions, and deepening democratic engagement.   READ MORE





Brandon Yan in City Park

Brandon Yan

Brandon Yan is a community activist, human rights educator, and advocate for LGBTQ2+ youth. He brings his passion for collaboration, equality and inclusion to his campaign for City Council. Brandon is experienced in engaging with diverse communities and collaborating across party lines to create solutions.  READ MORE





School Board


Carrie Bercic Stands in Vancouver Park

Carrie Bercic

Carrie Bercic was elected One City’s first Vancouver School Board Trustee in 2017 Vancouver. She has been a strong advocate for public education, and neighbourhood school as a parent and a member of a Parent Advisory Committee(PAC). In her first term as Trustee, she has led with her values, putting the needs of students first in every decision she made.    READ MORE





Erica Jaaf Stands in Local Park

Erica Jaaf

Erica Jaaf is an advocate for public education, organizer, former Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) and District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC) member, data manager, and parent. She is committed to fighting for all students to access schools that are vibrant and inclusive.   READ MORE





Jennifer Reddy Stands in Local Park

Jennifer Reddy

Jennifer Reddy is a educator and an advocate for the most vulnerable students in Vancouver’s school system.  She works with students from across Vancouver in her role as an immigrant student support worker. Jennifer is committed to building safer and more inclusive spaces for all students.   READ MORE