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OneCity Vancouver is Fighting for a Vancouver for Everyone

OneCity emerged out of a growing concern that Vancouver has become an increasingly unequal and divided city. We advocate a new direction for Vancouver – a city strengthened through equity, affordability, and diversity. A city for everyone, not for a few. We come from many communities and movements across this city – environmental justice, faith, arts and culture, community health, labour, public education, and housing advocacy.

Founded in 2014, OneCity Vancouver is a political party and a movement for change. Meet our elected officials and our candidates from Vancouver's 2022 general election.

Statement of Values

OneCity acknowledges that we live and do our political work in Vancouver on the traditional, unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh peoples. We recognize that the racist and violent practices of colonization have had devastating impacts on these communities and that their effects continue to this day. The ongoing resistance of and victories achieved by Indigenous communities offer us vital lessons about how to do our own political work that align with principles of social justice and reconciliation. We voice our solidarity with these resilient communities.

Our focus is on environmental and climate justice, a sustainable economy, social justice, affordability and equity. We believe our social and cultural lives should be integrated with our political lives.

We are committed to transparent and cooperative decision-making. We may disagree but we view disagreements as opportunities for strengthening our understanding of one another’s perspectives and as moments to build our organization.

We practice respectful and positive engagement. We recognize that we are all learning and that we always have something to learn from one another.

We want to build diverse and equitable communities in Vancouver. We embrace each other’s differences in experience and perspectives and see this as a strength in building an inclusive community.

We are a progressive voice for people and communities. We strive to create an environment that welcomes participation and engagement from as many people as possible.

We are working for an inclusive, vibrant and affordable city -- a city for everyone, not just a few. We acknowledge the variety of obstacles facing members of our organization and residents of our city that are both institutional and systemic and we commit ourselves to working against these obstacles in all their forms.

We are a movement of social change. We undertake, together, to build a kinder, more just, more equitable city.



Cara Ng (she/her), Co-Chair, is a substance use researcher and long-time member of OneCity who lives with her family in East Vancouver.

Nadja Komnenic (she/her), Co-Chair, is a graduate student and constituency assistant in Vancouver. She loves cycling, socialism, and equitable land-use policy. 

Théa Dowler, Membership Secretary, is a community organizer, political adviser, and mother of two children. She is passionate about civic engagement, public education, and access to affordable and equitable housing. 

Alison Atkinson (she/her), Recording Secretary, is a secondary school English teacher, bike enthusiast, and mom of two kids.

Jason Tockman (he/him), Treasurer, is a policy analyst, researcher, writer, and nature enthusiast who rents in the West End. His work and activism focus on Indigenous rights, Latin American politics, and climate change.

Members at Large

Denis Agar (he/him) is a transit planner and father of a teenager, who lives in Hastings-Sunrise. He is keen to make the city more equitable and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Stefan Avlijas (he/him) is a trade union campaign strategist and activist. He is a first generation immigrant to Canada who rents in Kits.

David Chudnovsky (he/him) is a retired teacher, past president of the BC Teachers’ Federation, and was the MLA of Vancouver-Kensington from 2005-2009. David is a doting father and grandfather.

Ian Cromwell (he/him) is a health economist and music community organizer who rents in Kensington Cedar Cottage. Ian was a OneCity candidate for City Council in 2022.

David Huxtable (he/him) is a worker organizer and advocate.  

Peter McCartney (he/him) is an organizer in the climate justice movement, a member of the LGBTQ2S community, and an enthusiastic resident of the West End.

Michael O’Shaughnessy (he/him) is a consultant and communications strategist who lives in Fairview. He believes prosperity is only meaningful when it’s shared by all.

Krista Sigurdson (she/her) is a sociologist who teaches research and writing at UBC. She sits on the Parent Advisory Council for her children’s school in the Downtown Eastside and served as an executive on the Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council. Krista was a Vancouver School Board Candidate in the 2022 election. 


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OneCity is fighting for the services that Vancouver families need: affordable housing, climate action, and public safety.