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Tell ABC Trustees: We need childcare in schools!

OneCity Trustee, Jennifer Reddy continues to fight for more childcare spaces for Vancouver families

We know 39% of before-and after-school care needs are being met in Vancouver and many parents are struggling to find spaces for their children. Further, the total increase of all spaces for 0-12 year olds in the VSB has only increased by 8 spaces over the past 12 months, despite the BC government supporting its expansion by school districts and making funds accessible. The Vancouver School Board can help meet childcare needs - through expanded childcare options - so that parents can work without worrying about their children being taken care of. But they won’t.

Since government moved the provision of childcare to the Ministry of Education it’s important that we ensure school districts shift their focus to include more delivery of before and after school care programming and 0-5 year old care in schools. Instead, ABC tossed out Trustee Reddy’s motion to access provincial capital funds to increase modular childcare immediately.

With your help, Trustee Reddy will keep pushing the Board to take leadership and use school lands to immediately increase childcare spaces.

Join us in demanding that the VSB play an active role in childcare delivery  at the Vancouver School Board by adding your name to this petition.

Will you sign?