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The Policy

More neighbours mean more opportunities to connect with each other, to get what we need close to where we live, and build communities that are healthy and strong.

We’ll work across the local government and with the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations to build these communities across the city - making parks and schools community hubs that are connected with better sidewalks, bike lanes and public transit.


Corner Stores

We're legalizing six floors and corner store across the city.

This is about more than housing supply - it’s about a tightly knit community where people meet on the street and can get what they need near the place where they live.

We will allow grocery stores, cafes, restaurants and small-scale retail shops in all neighbourhoods.

Develop community spaces

Many Vancouverites live in apartment buildings and condo towers. These buildings form their own, vertical communities - and so we’ll develop programs for community building within and between them, and look to activate public spaces for events like block parties.

Social housing in healthy neighbourhoods

Right now, social housing is rarely built in our greenest, leafiest, healthiest neighbourhoods - where hazards like air pollution, flooding and extreme heat and seismic risk are mitigated.

That needs to change.

We will prioritize social housing in these neighbourhoods, and create housing within the Broadway Medical Precinct to house low-income people with chronic health problems.

Ensuring sustainable community services

The housing crisis means that many Vancouver neighbourhoods are declining in population - and that means that valued community services like schools, community centres and parks see fewer users every year.

By concentrating new housing in these neighbourhoods, we can ensure our community services remain well-used.

And through effective collaboration between Council, School Board and Park Board, we can ensure that no future neighborhood is redeveloped without necessary access to schools and parks.

Building public housing on School Board properties

Vancouver schools should be well-funded.

To secure that funding, we will develop certain School Board properties into non-profit housing and retail.

The revenue from these lands will support Vancouver schools - while keeping the land in public hands.

Supporting Reconciliation

The Sen̓áḵw and Jericho Lands projects are more than just apartment buildings. They are Reconciliation in action.

We will ensure that future planning supports this ongoing work, and complements these developments and others by the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations.

Join the movement to build whole communities across our city.


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