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ABC majority votes down emergency housing for homeless Vancouverites

Mayor Sim and the ABC majority's rejection deals a setback to Vancouver's fight for dignified housing, but OneCity's commitment to protect Temporary Modular Housing remains unwavering

VANCOUVER (Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Territories) - OneCity Councillor Christine Boyle is expressing disappointment today about Mayor Sim and the ABC majority voting down her motion to ensure no net loss in dignified housing as thousands of Vancouver residents continue to have nowhere to sleep but in parks and on the street. Despite this vote, Boyle remains dedicated to ensuring the survival of Temporary Modular Housing (TMH) units in the city, alongside pushing to make it faster and easier to build permanent supportive housing.

The motion, which would have directed city staff to renew or extend leases for Temporary Modular Housing and identify new sites for relocation, aimed to protect over 750 units of TMH, which are crucial for providing shelter to those most in need.

"The solution to homelessness is supportive housing. But a person can’t live in a building that will be built in ten years. Not extending temporary modular housing leases will lead to more people experiencing homelessness and more people forced to live in tents in our parks and on the street,” said Christine Boyle, City Councillor, OneCity Vancouver. ”This weekend, while our Mayor was shotgunning beers on stage, three thousand homeless Vancouverites were looking for a place to lay their heads. This Council will be judged by its actions, not its stunts. And today, Mayor Sim and ABC proved that they are not up to the challenges that are facing our city."

Councillor Boyle emphasizes that the fight to protect and extend these housing units is not over. The objective remains clear - there must be no net loss of shelter rate housing while permanent supportive housing is brought online.

"The decision today only underscores the urgency of the situation. Our homelessness problem is severe and requires innovative, bold action. These TMH units are more than 'temporary'; they are home to hundreds of Vancouverites, who would otherwise be homeless, and provide a critical stepping stone towards stable housing," Councillor Boyle added. "We cannot afford to let ABC take us backwards."

"It is unfortunate that this motion did not pass today, but this is not the end. We will continue advocating for secure, dignified housing and will work tirelessly to uphold Vancouver's commitment to treating housing as a fundamental human right. When we fight for housing, we're fighting for people's lives, their dignity, and a Vancouver for all of us," concluded Councillor Boyle.

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