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Congratulations Christine!

OneCity Councillor Christine Boyle nominated as the provincial NDP candidate in Vancouver–Little Mountain 

As you’ve likely heard, OneCity Councillor Christine Boyle was nominated as the BC NDP candidate in Vancouver-Little Mountain. After an incredible month of fair, principled, grassroots and positive campaigning, we are so proud of Christine and her team and excited to see the strong desire for a progressive movement within one of Vancouver’s core neighbourhoods. We want to extend our deep gratitude to Andrea Reimer on her campaign and we look forward to working with her on issues important to progressive voters in Vancouver.

Christine has fought tirelessly on a difficult council and has organized and galvanized communities across the city. There’s no question that she will be deeply missed there . As OneCity, we remain steadfast in our pursuit to hold ABC accountable and champion the progressive movement in Vancouver. This movement is bigger than one person. With Trustee Jennifer Reddy continuing the fight for Vancouver kids and families, we have already begun planning for a city council byelection. Together with our labour allies, we plan to champion progressive unity in Vancouver. We are ready to take on Ken Sim and ABC in a by-election, and importantly, in 2026.

We need to show Ken Sim that Christine was just the start and that the progressive political leadership in Vancouver is strong and united. ABC will fight hard with their big-money friends to put another person in office who will neglect our parks, small businesses, and continue to move us backward on issues like climate and affordability.

With energy and optimism in our hearts, we're ready for the challenges and victories ahead. Together, we'll keep the progressive flame burning bright in Vancouver.

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