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OneCity Councillor Christine Boyle to run for provincial office

OneCity will always keep up the fight for working people 

Vancouver City Councillor Christine Boyle has decided to run for provincial office. If she is elected to the BC legislature, a Vancouver City Council by-election will be triggered. In that case, OneCity will run a strong campaign, backed by its hundreds of members and growing network of Neighbourhood Teams across the city, to ensure that Christine’s seat is filled by a new OneCity councillor.

OneCity remains committed to the fight for progressive change in the City of Vancouver – as it always has been. Working people need a voice on City Council, as do those who are concerned about housing affordability, serious climate action, a fair and equal public school system, access to childcare, community safety, and Indigenous justice – a city where everyone belongs.

“We’re so grateful for everything Christine has done for this party and for working people in Vancouver,” said OneCity Co-Chair Cara Ng.

The critical work of OneCity’s School Board Trustee Jennifer Reddy will continue.

“Christine and I have worked together on many intersecting issues that have made a real difference in the lives of Vancouverites,” said OneCity School Board Trustee Jennifer Reddy. “In the event of a by-election, we will have an opportunity to build bridges with other progressive parties and elect another champion for working people.”

The party’s organizing momentum has continued since the 2022 election. In opposition, OneCity has taken the lead on a range of critical issues, while expanding its network of supporters and volunteers and raising a substantial amount in donor contributions. These efforts earned it the lead endorsement of the Vancouver and District Labour Council – indicative of the backing of organized labour, which represents tens of thousands of workers in the City of Vancouver.

“In the past year, OneCity undertook concerted fundraising efforts and significantly expanded the party’s base of contributors,” said Jason Tockman, OneCity Treasurer and Financial Agent. “Based in part on Christine’s work, OneCity is in a position to finance a competitive campaign focused on the progressive change we need: affordable housing, climate action, and safe communities.”

Cara Ng, OneCity Vancouver Co-Chair
[email protected]

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