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ABC stalls out action on safe streets

Instead of taking evidence-based action on road safety, ABC chooses to study the problem to death

VANCOUVER (Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Territories) Following the watering down of her common-sense motion, Creating Safer Streets for People of All Ages with Intersection Safety Cameras, Councillor Christine Boyle issued the following statement:

“Today’s disappointing amendments by Councillor Montague to a road safety motion show that Mayor Sim and ABC refuse to take pedestrian safety and public safety seriously.

Every day, Vancouver sees 22 crashes causing injury or death. Safety cameras could have been a cost-effective, efficient, and evidence-based way to reduce this number - allowing Vancouverites to get home safe, whether or not they’re a driver. They could have prevented an ER visit every day, a life-altering injury every month, and a death every year.

And they would have been installed to protect the most vulnerable road users - children on their way to school.

We know this, from other jurisdictions: Speed enforcement cameras work. That is why organizations across the spectrum, from parent groups to safety advocates to health professionals to community policing centres, came forward to support today’s motion.

In fact, this was exactly the kind of policy that ABC pretends to support. But instead of delivering safety for Vancouverites, they delivered studies and delays and excuses: yet another failure in a string of ABC failures on safe streets and active transportation.

Whether it’s safe mobility lanes on Broadway, slower and safer streets on Cornwall Avenue, or simply enforcing the laws we have on the books, it’s clear: if you’re on two feet or two wheels, Ken Sim isn’t taking your safety seriously.”

OneCity Vancouver Communications Committee
[email protected]

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