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Statement by Councillor Christine Boyle on Ken Sim's Code of Conduct complaint with respect to the Living Wage vote

VANCOUVER (Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Territories) - Councillor Christine Boyle released the following statement with respect to Mayor Ken Sim's Code of Conduct complaint against her, with respect to her Living Wage vote:

"I entered public life to fight for a city that is more affordable, more fair, where people of all incomes and backgrounds can thrive. 

Last Spring, when Council’s decision to end Vancouver’s long-standing Living Wage Policy was made public, I spoke out about it, including stating that I voted against ending it. In response, Mayor Sim filed a Code of Conduct complaint against me. 

Given the cost of living crisis, we should be publicly debating this Living Wage policy and how to make Vancouver more affordable for working people. Instead Mayor Sim pursued a long, costly and adversarial review process that had a chilling impact on those important conversations.

I take compliance with our Code of Conduct seriously. And I welcome the recent confirmation by the Integrity Commissioner that I acted in good faith and did not break any rules. 

I strongly disagree with the decision to end the Living Wage Policy. When it comes to making Vancouver a thriving city for working people, I will not be silenced, and I will not back down. 

Vancouver residents are facing crushing increases in the cost of living. Rents are rising, food costs are soaring. And yet vital city workers like cleaners, security guards and library staff are no longer guaranteed a wage to cover those costs.

Anyone who works for the City of Vancouver should be able to afford to live in Vancouver. In a competitive labour market, the Living Wage helps us attract and retain the workers we need to keep our public spaces clean, our roads smooth, our staff safe and our streets well-lit. But more than that - it is the right thing to do. The Living Wage Policy is a statement of values. It says that the people who keep this city moving matter. That they deserve to be able to afford to live here. 

I am not legally permitted to tell you how anyone else voted on the Living Wage policy. But I can tell you this: as soon as I am allowed under the City’s rules, I will be bringing a motion to Council to re-certify the City of Vancouver as a Living Wage Employer.

Workers keep Vancouver running. They deserve a living wage. I will always stand up and be counted in support of that."

The Integrity Commissioner's report is available on the City of Vancouver's website.


OneCity Vancouver communications committee

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