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RELEASE: Councillor Boyle's non-market housing motion passes

Today’s vote a victory for affordability in Vancouver - but work must begin on implementation as soon as possible

VANCOUVER (Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Territories)Councillor Christine Boyle of OneCity Vancouver celebrated the passing of her motion to remove barriers to non-market housing in Vancouver - a hard-won victory for affordable housing in an increasingly unaffordable city.

She noted, however, that amendments made to that motion could potentially delay implementation. In a city in the grip of a housing crisis, action is needed - not more study and more process.

“The previous Council lacked the courage to prioritize affordable housing, but I wasn’t willing to give up. This is a victory for the community housing sector, housing advocates, and most importantly for all those who are struggling to afford to stay in Vancouver,” said Boyle. “That said, the amendments that were made could potentially slow down the implementation process. We are in a housing crisis, and need to be acting at the speed needed - we cannot wait even one second more than necessary.”

ABC Vancouver won government, in part, due to their commitment to resolving the overlapping pressures that Chinatown is facing.

Boyle noted that her motion, when implemented, presents a solution to a problem facing Chinatown and other neighbourhoods: the concentration of social housing, and support services, on the East Side of the city, and especially on the Downtown Eastside (DTES).

It is in everyone’s interest that this work begin as soon as possible.

“Chinatown, the DTES, and other East Side neighbourhoods have been asked to bear an unfair burden for too long, and have been asking for urgent action,” Boyle continued. “My motion would help us begin to do right by Chinatown by asking other areas in the city to take their fair share of services.”

Vancouver is in a housing crisis. Working families are being priced out, alongside seniors, students, nurses, childcare workers, and more. People are living in cars, in tents, and in parks. We need urgent action. 

“Despite some additional steps added in the process, I’m glad to see Council’s unanimous support for my continued push for more non-market, co-op and supportive housing,” said Councillor Boyle. “This motion is a win for all of us. If you’re a worker or a student, if you’re a young professional or a senior, if you’re a New Canadian or you were born and raised here - no matter who you are, you belong in Vancouver. This motion helps put those values into practice. I am beyond proud that it has passed, and I will continue to fight for a city we can all afford, and a Vancouver where we all belong.”


OneCity Vancouver communications committee

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