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Broadway for People Update

As of today, more than 350 people have written Council using our letter tool. with their support for our call for a safer, healthier Broadway for all.

I have two updates for supporters:

  1. Council has finished hearing from nearly 200 speakers on the Broadway Plan, and will resume on June 9th at 3pm to ask questions of staff and then debate, make amendments, and vote.
  2. I have been doing my work behind the scenes, to try and secure the Council votes we need to create more space for people, along with safe active transportation lanes, along Broadway. To that end, I've made a few edits to the amendment I am putting forward, based on feedback from staff and other Councillors.
    For those interested, you can read the updated language at our website.

This is important work, and Council will make a decision soon!

We've had more than 350 email Council in support of my amendment to the Broadway Plan, but there has been push back from the usual anti-bike-lane voices, so we need to keep up the pressure.

If you haven't yet, there's still time to write in and make sure Councillors get another wave of supportive emails before the vote. Send your letter here

Thank you for your advocacy. I'm grateful to do this work alongside you!


Christine's Proposed Amendment for the Broadway Plan

THAT Council commit to a future for the street of Broadway that increases safety and livability for families, seniors, and people with disabilities and decreases carbon emissions. And do so by directing staff to implement a car-lite Broadway, reallocating surface road space to prioritize pedestrians, buses, access for people with disabilities, safe active transportation and micro-mobility, emergency vehicles, public space, and the movement of goods. And deprioritizing personal private vehicles.

FURTHER THAT Council commit to building a AAA safe active transportation lane along Broadway.

FURTHER THAT Council direct staff to review, analyze and report back on recommended designs and funding sources for meeting the above goals.

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