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RELEASE: OneCity Vancouver will hold Ken Sim to account

Civic party commits to work with new mayor on shared priorities - but will fight service cuts and austerity

VANCOUVER (Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Territories) - With Ken Sim’s election win on October 15, OneCity Vancouver affirmed its intent to continue the fight for a safer, more affordable, and more inclusive city.

“I’d like to congratulate Ken Sim on his win. He is Vancouver’s first Chinese-Canadian Mayor. Politics aside, that is a tremendous achievement that I’d like to recognize,” said Christine Boyle, re-elected City Councillor, OneCity Vancouver. “I’d also like to congratulate him on running a strong campaign. But now it’s time to govern. Where we share priorities, I look forward to working with him, the ABC caucus, and the rest of the newly elected Council. But if he tries to cut services - particularly so-called ‘non-core spending’ on affordable housing, climate action or public services - he’s in for a fight. I will never back down when fighting cuts and austerity.”

While it lacked the big money of the mayoral campaigns, the party ran an extremely strong campaign, focused on the issues that matter. Its energized complement of over 500 volunteers resulted in a ground game that stretched across the city. This energy and grassroots strength will be critical as OneCity continues to move important issues forward.

The civic party, whose platform contains planks on ending Vancouver’s apartment ban, strengthening emergency response by adding mental health and addictions workers, and combating the poisoned drug crisis, also urged Vancouver progressives to come together to defend the services that Vancouverites rely on - throughout the next four years, and in the next municipal election.

“Vancouver’s fractured party system can be difficult, particularly for those of us on the left,” continued Boyle. “Candidates and activists who should be standing shoulder to shoulder are forced to compete, and progressive voters, faced with too many choices, split the vote. But now that the election is over, progressives need to stand in solidarity with residents who are struggling and with each other - coordinating resistance at City Hall, in the streets, and in four years, at the ballot box. It’s going to be a long four years. We need to work together to ensure that struggling Vancouverites are protected - and that in 2026, a progressive majority committed to inclusion, safety and affordability is sent to City Council.”

At School Board, OneCity will continue the work it has already started, to immediately stop the sale of VSB lands - and keep School Board lands in School Board hands, to ensure that public education is provided and accessible to every child in this city in perpetuity.

“I’d like to congratulate the Green and ABC school board councillors on their successful election campaigns,” continued Jennifer Reddy, re-elected School Board Trustee, OneCity Vancouver. “The previous School Board did not do enough to preserve and improve neighbourhood schools.  No matter what parties make up the Board, I’ll fight for the resources our schools need and deserve, encourage public voice, support workers who are the heart of our schools, expand childcare and ensure that every child gets the support they need.”

At the close of the 2022 Vancouver municipal election, the civic party affirmed its commitment to building a city where everyone belongs.

“Here’s the truth,” concluded Boyle. “If you’re a young person afraid that you can’t raise a family here, if you’re a worker who’s being priced out, if you’re an immigrant, if you’re in need of housing, if you’re worried about the poisoned drugs in our streets - no matter who you are, you belong in Vancouver.

And if Ken Sim forgets that  - if he cuts the services families rely on, if he opposes the housing that you need to stay here - OneCity will be there to remind him of that truth. Every single day.”


OneCity Vancouver communications committee

[email protected]

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