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2023 Budget Briefing

On February 28th, ABC's first budget will be introduced.

Join OneCity Councillor Christine Boyle to learn about the 2023 City of Vancouver Budget, ask questions, and be part of the community mobilizing to defend vital public services. Don't wait until it's too late to take action.

What do we know?

ABC's campaign platform was incredibly expensive, promising hundreds of new staff, a hundred new police officers that won't move the needle on our health problems, and revenue cuts that we can’t afford. Funding all of their promises while maintaining current service levels would require a 9% tax increase or more.

So what do we expect?

We expect cuts to the services people need. But we don’t expect ABC to be up front about them. Based on the recent behind-the-scenes decision to eliminate the Vancouver Renters Office, the public may not get any warning about what will be cut. Those decisions may come at the last minute so that ABC can spin the narrative in their favour.

We also expect ABC to plead that they have no money to spare - even while they commit substantial funds towards ripping out active transportation infrastructure. They have already done this with the Climate Emergency Action Plan. They’re going to do it elsewhere.

But with your help, we won’t let that happen.

What can you expect from us?

At OneCity, we're committed to defending the important public programs and services that residents rely on, and Councillor Boyle and her team will be hard at work when the budget is released. We'll parse through the details and mobilize to prevent harmful cuts.

What can you do?

RSVP for this Budget Briefing on Feb 27, and learn about the budget while getting equipped to take action. Use the form on this current page to register.

Send a letter to Council letting them know what your priorities are for the budget.

Sign up to speak at Council, by phone or in-person.


February 27, 2023
7pm - 8:30pm
Barrett Bryan-Soron ·
Jason Tockman

Will you come?