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Jennifer Reddy's 2024 Childcare Motion

FOR: February 26, 2024 VSB Meeting 
TO: Board of Education Trustees

FROM: Jennifer Reddy, Trustee
RE: Notice of Motion – Childcare Capital 2024 

The VSB acknowledges that there is a well-documented city-wide need for additional licensed childcare spaces, that the VSB has land and facilities designed to serve children, and that the Ministry of Education and Child Care has childcare capital funding available for school districts;

And therefore that the VSB investigate with the Ministry of Education and Child Care how the VSB can access new, additional capital funds in order to increase on-site childcare space creation including the possibility of prefabricated (modular) childcare buildings;

And further that the VSB investigate specific school board locations of possible childcare sites across the District with a focus on the south-east and north-east quadrants of Vancouver where there is currently a significant lack of childcare spaces;

And further that these enquiries be completed as soon as possible, that the information gathered is shared at a public VSB Board Meeting and shared with the City of Vancouver in alignment with COV recent direction regarding prefabricated (modular) childcare facilities.