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Another crop of parents face a gauntlet each September as they try to get their kids into the right schools with the best programs, often halfway across the city with classmates they don’t know. Meanwhile, this shuffling hollows out nearby schools and hurts families who don’t have the time or money to shop around.

OneCity believes neighbourhood schools are the cornerstone of any strong community. OneCity will fight for a fair and equal public school system where every child has access to the same opportunities to grow and flourish into thriving adults. Our school board trustees will always put kids first.

Value neighbourhood schools

All parents want their child to go to a “good school.” But when certain schools are seen as more desirable than others, it hollows out the ones left behind. OneCity will make every school a great place for kids to learn. We’ll rebuild the role schools play in their communities and connect families with their neighbours.

  1. Expand access to childcare so every family can find early years or before and after school care at their neighbourhood school. 
  2. Prevent the sale of school board land we hold in trust to preserve for future generations.
  3. Design accessible outdoor learning spaces that are ready for a warming world.
  4. Reopen all school kitchens to build a universal, nutritious lunch program.
  5. Support the hiring of more school counselors and public health professionals in schools.
  6. Staff fully operational libraries in every school, every day of the week.
  7. Support Indigenous language programming in consultation with the Host Nations.
  8. Provide proper ventilation in all classrooms to protect kids from COVID-19.
  9. Assess the pandemic’s impacts on the learning needs of students and working conditions for staff.

Support transparent decision-making

Families becoming involved and invested in schools is a critical part of school culture and can help schools reflect the diversity of our city. OneCity will provide more public access to school board meetings and better participation in its process. Listening to parents helps us meet the needs of kids.


  1. Remove barriers to participation in school board meetings.
  2. Consult with school communities about seismic upgrades.
  3. Partner with the Host Nations on all planning and decisions, especially with regard to land.
  4. Review governance structures and policies to ensure democratic, transparent, accessible, accountable and equitable decisions.
  5. Encourage public participation that values the experiences of those most affected.
  6. Consider climate impacts in all relevant decisions.
  7. Review special needs programs in consultation with workers, students and their families to identify gaps.

Respect students and staff

Teachers, principals and support staff are at the heart of our schools. They deserve safe and stable working conditions. Students can’t wait for ages for services and assessments they need now. OneCity will build relationships based on trust, openness and honesty. We will make sure students have access to the learning services they need and reduce staffing shortages.

  1. Empower Indigenous students in schools and adult education through to graduation.
  2. Ask the provincial government to provide more funding per student to better meet their diverse needs.
  3. Ensure Vancouverites with precarious immigration status have safe access to schools by strengthening the school board’s Access Without Fear and Sanctuary School policies.
  4. Deliver assessments of students faster so they don’t fall behind waiting for support.
  5. Provide mental health and well-being supports for all students and staff.
  6. Dismantle systemic racism, address 2SLGBTQ+ needs and prioritize equity concerns.
  7. Promote more equitable access to choice programs like French Immersion or Montessori by reviewing the scope, location and entry requirements.

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OneCity is fighting for the services that Vancouver families need: affordable housing, climate action, and public safety.