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Anybody who has ever sat in rush hour traffic knows Vancouver has challenges getting people moving. But anyone who has passed that traffic in a bike lane or on a bus knows there are better ways to get everyone where they need to go. OneCity knows the best way our city can tackle the climate emergency is by making it easier for folks to take a trip that doesn’t pollute. We’ll limit our dependence on personal vehicles and free up space on our streets for those that need it. OneCity will make getting around without a car quick, easy, cheap, safe, clean and even enjoyable.


Give transit riders a better experience


Waiting half an hour for a crowded bus in the hot sun or pouring rain because it’s stuck in traffic is a miserable way to start your day. OneCity will give transit the priority it needs to make riding the bus convenient and comfortable. We’ll work with TransLink so people spend less time waiting for the bus and enjoy it more when they have to. And we’ll make sure everyone can afford to access jobs, appointments and services via transit.

  1. Ensure the Vancouver Transportation Plan, in development with TransLink, prioritizes buses and outlines where the city needs more bus lanes, bus shelters and service.
  2. Build real bus rapid transit, giving more riders in more places the ability to just show up and expect a bus to arrive within a few minutes. Prioritize routes in underserved neighbourhoods like South Vancouver and Railtown. 
  3. Make transit faster and more reliable with brightly painted bus lanes, traffic lights that sense when to let buses through, queue jumps that allow buses to get ahead of vehicles at intersections, and bus stops that extend the curb so buses don’t need to wait to merge back into traffic after each stop. 
  4. Ask TransLink for more shelters, washrooms, benches, real-time status updates, and signage to help riders figure out which bus will take them where they need to go.
  5. Urge TransLink to improve evening and late night transit service.
  6. Insist all bus stops have seating for seniors and families, meet the needs of people with disabilities and protect riders from extreme weather.
  7. Encourage more emergency planning so transit service continues when there are network disruptions.
  8. Expand the free transit program to include youth up to 18 years old and youth transitioning out of government care until they’re 25.
  9. Provide monthly passes at a sliding scale in line with the All On Board campaign and offer them for free to people on pensions, disability or income assistance.  

Make it easier to walk, roll or cycle


Over decades, we’ve built Vancouver for cars, driving people further away and compounding the climate emergency. Now it’s time for us to rethink our streets to make it practical for everyone to leave the car at home. OneCity will connect our communities with the sidewalks and bike lanes they lack, especially in places like South Vancouver which have often been left out.

  1. Speed up investments in building wide, continuous sidewalks all over the city.
  2. Connect parks, schools, childcare, shops, restaurants, hospitals, transit hubs and community centres with bike lanes and secure bike parking.
  3. Slow vehicles down, particularly on side streets, and give more room for walking, cycling, gathering and green space.
  4. Open a network of car-light to car-free streets that prioritize walking, rolling and cycling.
  5. Create safe walk and roll routes to schools, parks and community centres across the city so families can drive less and feel safe sending their kids off on their own.
  6. Expand the School Active Travel Program, which OneCity introduced to promote walking and cycling to school with education and infrastructure.
  7. Plow sidewalks when it snows rather than leaving it up to local residents and businesses.
  8. Help people walking, cycling or rolling find their way around the city with better signage.
  9. Require bike parking in new buildings to be accessible from the ground floor. 
  10. Develop parking requirements for all kinds of bikes and scooters, like providing spots for people with disabilities and outlets for charging electric equipment.
  11. Encourage bike mobility hubs near transit stations with secure bike storage, washrooms and change rooms, and repair services.
  12. Require construction sites to have secure tool storage and bike parking to limit reliance on vehicles.
  13. Install bike racks in all neighbourhood parks.
  14. Plant shade trees along bike lanes to keep cyclists cool.
  15. Provide amenities for skateboarders along bike routes and walking paths as recommended by Vancouver’s CitySkate report.

Protect pedestrians and cyclists


Nobody should fear for their life when crossing the street or riding a bicycle. Vancouverites must not accept people regularly dying on our streets. OneCity will make everyone feel comfortable moving around Vancouver on foot, using a wheelchair or with a bike. We’ll also build better sidewalks and more protected bike lanes to encourage people to leave the car at home.

  1. Lower speed limits on all Vancouver streets to improve safety and cut pollution, especially on side streets and where there are often collisions.
  2. Divert traffic on more residential streets to slow vehicles down and discourage shortcuts.
  3. Extend sidewalks at intersections and raise crosswalks to keep pedestrians safe.
  4. Light sidewalks and bike lanes for people, not just the cars next to them.
  5. Ask the province for more speed cameras and other automatic traffic enforcement including bus lane intrusion and red light cameras. 
  6. Allow pedestrians at busy intersections to start walking before the light turns green for cars, preventing drivers from cutting in front of them. 
  7. Limit vehicles on streets with high deaths like Hastings through the Downtown Eastside, the deadliest stretch of road for pedestrians in the province.
  8. Implement TransLink’s Youth Travel Strategy when it’s ready.
  9. Ask the province to require more robust and regular driver training on how to safely share the road with other users.
  10. Ask the federal government to regulate vehicle size, weight, speed and design to give people who are hit by a car a better chance of survival.

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