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RELEASE: OneCity Vancouver candidates endorsed by Indigenous, climate, progressive and labour leaders

Overwhelming Indigenous, activist, union, NDP support positions party as the leading choice for voters who want to build a more equal city

VANCOUVER (Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Territories) - OneCity Vancouver, a political party dedicated to an affordable, inclusive and welcoming city for all, has announced the endorsement of many of the progressive left’s leading lights. Some have endorsed individual candidates - but many have endorsed some or all of the party’s slate for City Council, School Board and Park Board.

OneCity Vancouver also enjoys the distinction of being the only party to have all of its candidates endorsed by the Vancouver District Labour Council. The BC General Employees Union also endorsed all of OneCity Vancouver’s candidates separately. The International Association of Fire Fighters Local 18, who represent fire fighters in Vancouver, endorsed OneCity candidates Christine Boyle and Iona Bonamis for City Council.

The entirely people-powered movement recently announced its best fundraising months ever: September 2022, followed closely by August 2022. This was powered largely with small donations, with an average donation of $59.

Election Day is October 15. Advance voting is open today, October 11, as well as October 13.

Prominent endorsers include:


"Matthew Norris is an incredibly strong, articulate, and talented candidate. I am both proud and honoured to provide his candidacy with full endorsement. Matthew is a passionate advocate for justice and for the climate who I have worked with on a range of issues, and his intelligence, humor and focused commitment to getting things done will strengthen Vancouver City Council immeasurably."

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip endorsing Matthew Norris for City Council

"OneCity has a comprehensive plan for a city where Indigenous people are respected and Indigenous rights are upheld. Their constructive approach to politics and their commitment to justice makes their entire slate worthy of support. I am happy to provide my endorsement for Matthew Norris, an experienced Indigenous leader who has consistently worked to address systemic issues facing our city."

Dr. Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond (aki-kwe), professor and lawyer, endorsing Matthew Norris for City Council

New Democratic Party

"I've known Christine for more than a decade. As a leader, her qualities of courage, compassion and old-fashioned hard work inform everything she does - from her long record of accomplishments at Council to the movements she's been part of building. She's exactly the type of person we need more of in politics and I am pleased to endorse her."

David Eby, MLA, Vancouver-Point Grey, endorsing Christine Boyle for City Council

"OneCity's Christine Boyle is a committed champion for a sustainable future and Jennifer Reddy is a tireless advocate for a strong public education system. They are dedicated, respectful and hard working.  I fully endorse their re-election and am an enthusiastic supporter of OneCity's progressive voices."

Jenny Kwan, MP, Vancouver East, endorsing Jennifer Reddy for School Board and Christine Boyle for City Council, and announcing her enthusiastic support for the party

“I am supporting the OneCity candidates for city council because of their commitment to housing affordability in Vancouver and their constructive approach to the challenges we face.”

Libby Davies, former MP, Vancouver East, endorsing OneCity Vancouver’s Council slate


"We are in a climate emergency and need to act at all levels of government.  Municipalities are where the rubber really hits the road, where the impact of climate change is undeniable, and we all have to act to both reduce emissions that make it worse and deal with the effects we are already feeling.  There is no one better able to lead on this challenge than Christine Boyle - she gets it and knows what has to be done.  Vote for her."

David Suzuki, environmental leader, endorsing Christine Boyle

"Christine Boyle is smart, dedicated and effective - and so is the team she's been a key part of building. The party is relentless in their pursuit of climate action and sophisticated in their understanding of the links between climate change and inequality and how it plays out in our city streets. I am proud to endorse Christine Boyle and the OneCity team!”

Tzeporah Berman, environmental leader, endorsing entire OneCity slate

"Housing is a key social determinant of health. Without adequate housing, our physical and mental health suffer, and we become more vulnerable to extreme weather events like heat waves—which will only happen more frequently on a warming planet. OneCity deeply understands that housing, health and climate action are connected. They are exactly what Vancouver needs to face our challenges head on. I am proud to give their entire slate my endorsement."

Melissa Lem, Vancouver Family Doctor and Climate Advocate, endorsing the entire OneCity slate

Progressive civic leaders

"A friend of mine, Iona Bonamis is running for Vancouver City Council. Iona is a Senior Transportation Planner and will use this experience to act effectively to address affordability, climate change, rise in anti-Asian racism, the poisoned drug supply, and more."

Ellen Woodsworth, former City Councillor, endorsing Iona Bonamis for City Council


“I am so excited that Christine and Jennifer are running again. Their proven track records demonstrate an unparalleled commitment to push both Vancouver City Council and the Vancouver School Board towards a more affordable, accessible and just city for all of us. We need more OneCity candidates to continue to push City Council, the School Board and the Park Board on climate justice, affordability, and equity for a more inclusive city.” 

Karen Ranalletta, President, CUPE BC, endorsing the entire OneCity slate

"OneCity's full slate deserves your support. For too long, hospitality workers have been at risk of being priced out of Vancouver. This isn't fair - the workers who keep Vancouver moving deserve to live here. OneCity understands this, and more OneCity city councillors means more affordable housing for working families everywhere in the city."

Zailda Chan, President, UNITE HERE Local 40, endorsing the entire OneCity slate

"Rory Brown will bring an informed perspective, proven local leadership, and a commitment to equity and inclusion to the role of trustee. His strengths and skills are exactly what is needed to support reconciliation and the myriad of issues faced by educators, students and their families. I am pleased to wholeheartedly endorse Rory’s candidacy and know the VSB would be better off with him at the table."

Teri Mooring, Teacher, endorsing Rory Brown for Vancouver School Board

"It is fantastic to see a party that actually grasps the housing needs of Vancouver workers. Their platform is smart, ambitious, and built around the fact that Vancouver needs a massive increase in affordable housing, not just condos to be bought up by investors.We need more OneCity councillors to stem the tide of working families being forced out of Vancouver due to outrageous rents."

Kim Novak, President, UFCW Local 1518, endorsing the entire OneCity slate

"OneCity is advancing an inspiring vision for a livable, sustainable, and fair Vancouver. Their candidates embody the finest qualities of passion and hope, ironclad expertise on local policy challenges, and democratic accountability to the communities where they live. I am thrilled to offer my support for the OneCity team!"

Jim Stanford, economist and columnist, endorsing the entire OneCity slate

"OneCity's housing platform will help build a city where workers and their families can live, work, and play in complete, affordable, resilient communities. It provides real solutions to one of the biggest challenges presently facing Vancouver, and the region."

Stephen von Sychowski, President, Vancouver District Labour Council, endorsing the entire OneCity slate



OneCity Vancouver communications committee

[email protected]

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